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Consulting Services

With several years of deep technology & domain expertise, ECD Zone provides consulting services, mentoring and capability development services to software and technology based businesses. Our clients includes some of the biggest names in the services and product industry, including several Fortune 500, CMM 5 companies and Investment Banks.

Enterprise Technology Mentoring

People are the driving force of a business. For a business to meet the criteria of changing technology trends, its people need to be mentored in the latest technologies. We provide niche skill set training in fast growing technologies like Big Data, AI & Robotics, Automation, DevOps, Security, Cloud Computing, Data Analysis & Engineering, Performance Engineering to help your company tap the various business opportunities & grow with time.

High –End Technology Consulting

Fast paced technology trends are changing the market. Each new technology that hits the market offers newer ways to expand and grow.We help our clients build effective and scalable solutions to real time technology issues using industry standard methodologies and skills relevant to their area of work.

Solution Architecture Consulting

Evolving multi dimensions of architecture by applying scientific driven model to meet customers' expectations. Be it working with migration from monolith to microservices architecture, we provide end-end assistance with evolving System Architecture, developing technology roadmap, architecture evaluation and NFR consulting.

Technology & Architecture Audit

We help organizations evaluate the systems and processes in place that secure good software development practices & secures company data. We determine risks to an application, be it legacy or greenfield, and help identify methods to minimize those risks. We ensure information management processes are in compliance with IT-specific laws, policies and standards. We determine inefficiencies in IT systems, stack implementation and associated management.

About Us
As industry experts, we understand that running software and technology businesses requires long term vision and adaptability. We at ECD Zone help you and your company compete and thrive in this ever changing market by channelizing these newer technology trends in ways that help grow your business. We believe in customized solutions. The key to keep pace with the changing trends is the understanding of what suits your business the best and how to incorporate it in your current system.
We are creative

We believe in customized solutions. The key to keep pace with the changing trends is the understanding of what suits your business the best and how to incorporate it in your current system.

Technology Verticals

Microservices Architecture

What are microservices?

Microservices are a type of software architecture that involves developing software applications or platforms that can be independently designed, developed, tested and deployed.

When organisations move to a microservice architecture, they are moving to a more efficient way of working where they can make small changes and deploy these easily without having to deploy entire applications or set of services each time.

How we help you

We have helped many global enterprise organisations with their microservice implementations. Specific projects we have delivered include:

a. Advising software development vendors on how to package their microservice based applications for deployment into their end clients environments

b. Advising a number of retail clients on how to architect for cloud-native web services

c. Migrate from monolithic architecture to a microservices architecture

d. Stack or Framework selection

e. Coaching development teams on how to build effective microservices

Our enterprise vision

Microservices are a great fit for organisations who have applications that require changes very frequently. Independent elements of the application can be changed in isolation outside of traditional release cycles.

This allows organisations to focus on changes in specific areas of the system independently of others. It also allows them to break away from the long release cycles often found in enterprise IT and move to a more agile, iterative and innovative delivery model that, ultimately, results in better software and enhanced competitiveness.

Technology Audit

- Analysis of IT and system audit risk and planning

- Review of IT system risks and controls

- Review of IT function risks and controls

- Assessment of data integrity

- Assessment of IT strategy

- Optimization of direct controls over information systems

- Information asset security

- Code & Stack Audit

Workflow Automation

Workflow automation utilizes software to automate tasks, resources and operations in an attempt to increase speed, transparency, coordination and overall productivity of the workflow process. The software is able to automatically route tasks through the process to each subsequent step, all the way to the completion of that goal.Task management is greatly improved because priorities and timelines are linked across and even between organizations. Tasks and calendars are visible to all users enabling workloads to be shared and efficiently managed. Another advantage of automation is visibility. Managers can quickly see the status of a process but beyond that they can also identify roadblocks, resources constraints and opportunity for process improvement.

We specialze in automation and understand the nuansances involved. From migration to vendor selection, from capacity building to ramp-up strategy, from execution to quality practices, we would assist you with all phases of your work.

QA Automation

Quality Assurance refers to the process of subjecting an application or product under various test so as to ensure the developed product/application meets the specified requirements. Organizations have become conscious of the crucial role of testing in the SDLC(Software Development Lifecycle)and in delivering high performance products. With the competition becoming tougher day by day, timeline getting smaller for the delivery cycle, the pressure to deliver high quality products with fewer resources and limited time is increasing. From TDD to BDD, from mock testing to big data testing, QA automation is changing leaps & bounds and we help you embrace the changes.

Be it UI or functionality, or it be it more specifics like ETL or Security testing, we assist you with different strategy, automation practices, tool consideration criteria, training & consulting needs.

Cloud Computing

Adoption of Cloud Computing has been swift and global.

Over the past few years, there has been a gradual shift from the traditional mainframe computing to the more subtle and easy to approach Cloud Computing model. Industry leaders and organization spanning across multiple domains have either migrated or are in the process of migrating the business applications to cloud environment. Cloud computing is a comprehensive solution that delivers IT as a service. Being an Internet-based computing solution where shared resources are provided like electricity distributed on the electrical grid, computers in the cloud are configured to work together and the various applications use the collective computing power as if they are running on a single system.

Be it cloud adaptation, migrating applications to cloud environment, selection of vendor, understanding pros & cons of different platforms, skill ramp-up strategy, we would assist you in the entire journey of transformation.

Big Data

We are surrounded by data. This data comes from everywhere: sensors used to monitor climate changes, a tweet or like on social media, digital pictures, browsing history, transaction record, location services on your mobile to name a few. This ever expanding unstructured data is too big, moves too fast and is too complex to be processed by conventional database architectures. Taming this ginormous amount of data can help you harvest valuable insights into your business, customer expectation, anticipate customer demand and also help your increase the efficiency of your current system. To extract meaningful value from big data, you need optimal processing power, analytics capabilities and skills.

We come with an extremely deep insight how to work with such large dataset and subsequently gain the know the information from the data. Be it Hadoop or Splunk, we will assist you with different implementations, capacity building, planning for transformation.


Management Team

Dibya is a technology consultant, mentor & strategist. With a deep experience of working across the ladder in the services and consulting sector, with roles ranging from enterprise consultant to technology head. Dibya consults several CMM5 & Fortune 100/500 companies across different continents, for their different technology, engineering & process requirements. Dibya has been using collaborative implementation model, use lean technologies & processes for better technical and business process management. An advocate of open source technology, Dibya supports community projects, helps organization/business units adopt open source technologies for their product or service needs. Dibya assist in setting up CoE, build technology expertise, set-up technology centric units & teams, adopting lean models of automation and best practices around the same.

Dibya Prakash
An administrator with 30 years of work experience in the Government Sector. An apt disciplinarian and operations expert, he is responsible for financial management and part of corporate affairs team. His interest involves working with teams from varying regions, culture, ethnicity and domain. He is also in the board of social organizations and NGOs working towards various community services.
Dhru Bhattacharjee

Debasis worked in DRDO for sixteen years in advanced defence communication systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, satellite remote sensing including earth stations, multi-spectral sensors, image analysis, etc. He spent the following twenty two years in the Indian Software Industry working in senior business manager positions with software industry majors like the HCL, PCS, Rolta (twice), Neilsoft, Genesys International and technology companies like DG2L technologies(twice), Zintec Software, Parsec Technologies( US stint), Global Edifice, etc. He has been a keen trainer and personally led the training of juniors in these high technology areas. Development methodologies, processes, QA, architecture, software engineering, system engineering and effective project management have been his focus areas.

Debasis Das

Siddharth has had a career in the construction and infrastructure set-up spanning over 12 years. He is also the founder and partner of Ranmark Engineering – a concept that has been derived from the desire to explore areas and activities that can only be achieved by working on them through a networking model of business where common synergies and skills of certain individuals are pooled together to form a consortium and conduct a particular business activity on the engineering and sales field. He has worked vastly with Indian Railways, BPCL, PWD, etc.

Siddharth Chakroborty

Kundan is currently accountable for leading the vendor management and relationship management initiatives of ECD Zone in India and Asia Pacific countries. He works at continuously raising the bar on client management and productivity excellence for various delivery channels of the company. He also excels in nurturing talent and has been a mentor of choice of many of budding leaders and contributed significantly to evolving the people development practices, for internal teams as well as for external client teams. He comes with more than 12 years of experience. His previous experiences were with NIIT, Shriram Values, etc

Kundan Kumar

Rajat comes from an engineering and customer management background. With more than 10 years of experience in customer management with some of the leading brands in the country, he comes as a people manager and a team builder. His specialization involves in the ability to attract and secure key players in building strong business relations. With an hawk's eye for quality and productivity, he manages the customer relation sector and also part of the marketing analysis team.His past experiences has been with brands like Airtel, Tata Telelinks, Zephyr, etc.

Rajat Gaur
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